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Jana Keketi - the only image consultant certified in "Advanced Image Consulting and Professional Development" by London Image Institute.

What is a business image consultant?

A person who advices clients on the optimal way to project their unique attributes, style and personality. The consultant works on appearance, behaviour, verbal and nonverbal communication, professional conduct and social etiquette to create an effective personal brand.

Jana Keketi: Carreer Highlights


Jana Keketi, is a certified business image consultant, who offers consultations and workshops in all areas of image management and professional development. She helps clients enhance their self-esteem to project a distinctive image that affects every aspect of professional and personal life.

Her experience includes many years of a successful international career in modeling, training in performance skills and on-camera presence for beauty contests such as “Miss Slovakia” and owner of a successful photographic studio. She also holds a Masters’ Degree from the University of Economics, Bratislava. As a certified business image consultat Jana offers these indispensable skills, experience and education to her clients.

Armed with in-depth training from London Image Institute and experience from the world of fashion, appearance and beauty, she gives her clients exceptional guidance which significantly moves their career forward. Her clients develop a high degree of self-awareness and confidence, which in turn helps them increase their influence, visibility and credibility.


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