Our clients


"We approached Mrs. Jana Keketi with the task of presenting our independent cosmetic consultants in the positions of Sales Directors with the right image of a professional businesswoman. She performed this task excellently. She enriched the practical advice with an interesting presentation, where she showed on specific models what belongs in the world of business and what does not. at the end, there was a fashion show, where she tastefully styled the models, who showed a beautiful example right on stage that even the business world can be colorful, feminine and at the same time very professional."

Ing. Edita Szabóová, Director of Mary Kay for the Slovak Republic, sales support and education department CR/SR

"The seminar for my managers on the topic of creating a professional image in the banking environment thanks to your professional approach was at a high level. We appreciated the practical advice in fashionable business style and especially the new trends for women and men, especially in managerial positions. The bonus was the models dressed, which we could try.
We liked that you conducted the seminar in a light format, which created a very pleasant environment in a mixed team. They were also pleased with the very simple and practical combinations that can also be used in personal life."

Ing. Czapáriková Melinda -riaditeľka pre Trnavský kraj, Slovenská Sporiteľňa

"Janka Keketi provided our assistants with training on the topic of professional image. Her advice was very practical, effective and easy to use for any of them. The girls especially appreciated the excellent atmosphere and professional approach. We will be very happy if Janka and I meet during our next collaboration."

Silvia Penevová, Ing. Personalista/ Personálny odbor, J&T SERVICES SR, s.r.o

Mrs.Keketi as our photographer contributes her creative advice and practical experience from fashion not only in her photography but also by suggesting the use of accessories and how to put the finishing touches to coordination and presentation of our men's clothes..

Ing.Jaroslav Dobrotka, General Director of Matteo Bernetti- Bespoke and Made-to-measure tailoring

Jana Keketi is not only personal image consultant in fields of styling, make up or healthy lifestyle, but also very close friend for ore then 10 years. When i work in the fashion business, i value her advice, mostly about the correct cut and fit of skirts and pants. Not everything trendy is suitable for every body-shape. She also helps me with my personal makeup or choosing the right color of outfit. And this knowledge for us ladies is invaluable because it can help us lose visually a few kilos or years, whatever our goal!
As a professional photographer Jana can always proof her photos, and then i actually see, what is really suitable for me and what is not. Janka always gives me an honestly and fair appraisal, which is what i appreciate the most. She makes every client feels as a queen:-).

Katarína Hájiková, The Owner of boutique Talianka

I have known Janka for more then 10 years. She always fascinated me not only with her beauty but also by her amazing sense of fashion, colors and style. I always draw inspiration from her work, and personally i was happy, when she did professional photographs for me. Last year i decided to use her services as an image consultant and thanks to her professional seminar for my teams i see, how my colleagues have changed positively, dressing more beautifully, which inspires their customers and consultants. The advice from Janka is always practical, specific and very useful for every woman in different business positions and in different walks of life too.

Stanka Šeminská, Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director Mary Kay

Jana has always been extremely cooperative and we are absolutely satisfied with her professional approach. We value the range of services and great value and quality she brings to every level of service.

Peter Packaň - Managing Director, The Owner of PACKY Advertising company

Janka Keketi provided excellent personal advice during her photography session. On another occasion, when we did not have enough make up for me she showed incredible initiative. We immediately bought everything missing and exactly right for my skin type, suitable to my eyes, hair and clothing. She created a very pleasing relaxed atmosphere, filled with positive energy the whole time we spent together. I have learned a lot. In the field of image I saw, what i never perceived before on my own. I use to wear clothes one size bigger then i needed and unfortunately camouflaged the best curves of my figure. I realized that in wrong size i am very petite, practically lost. She did a distinctive makeup, while explaining every step. From my meeting with Jana i have changed the way i do my make up and take into account the positive aspects of my figure. I received such positive feedback that I am happy that someone, in my age of 56, showed me, that i am beautiful and sexy. I believed that and felt great about it. Go for it, dear ladies, let get advice.

Ing. Silvia Šedovičová, Chief of model quality in car plant PCA Slovakia

I had great reactions from the photographs Jana Keketi took of me and I realized that the quality of the photographer was the most improtant thing. But what do I consider is Janka’s biggest asset? Her ability to create a perfect atmosphere in the studio, specially for people like me, who don’t like being photographed.

Daniel Krajcer, Member of Parlament Slovak republic, EX-Minister of Culture

Janka is very easy to work with and the mood she creates is always great. Even when you are not photgenic she has ability to advise you and the final photos are just perfect. Of course i cannot forget to mention her valuable advice about make up and clothes. I always take advice from her with pleasure.

Jana Vološínová, Deputy Chairman of political party TIP

Our first collaboration with Jana Keketi exceeded our expectations. 250 Oriflame beauty consultants appreciated the advice in the field of visage, clothing, overall appearance, and we can already see in the field how they took it to heart. Especially the ladies, for whom we provided a "change of image" directly during the event. The image of a cosmetic consultant is 50% of the success of her business and we are very happy that we could provide them with professional advice directly from an expert. The lecture was clear, professionally presented, and even humorous. We look forward to further cooperation.

Lenka Štefániková, Marketing Manager Oriflame Slovakia, s.r.o.