Individual consulting

Your image should reflect the extraordinary person you are.

IMAGE is how you are perceived - from messages communicated by your appearance, behavior and communitation. 

Your image and personal style should represent your professional and personal persona, enhancing your confidence and presence, which impact every facet of your life.


Benefits for individual

Enhance your self-confidence.

Use the power of the first imression.

Perfect your executive presence. 

Make an immediate positive impact.

 Improve your professional performance.


Initial interview

Personal style analysis and reflection of individuals needs.

Color analysis

Once you know how to work with colors, you acquire a youthful, healthy and positive appearance. Your skin undertone, color of your eyes, color of hair, contrasts in the face are all important details in determining your personal color type. We will find your appropriate color palette regarding the seasonal color type. You also get advice on the best hair color for you.

Body shape analysis and solutions to specific fit and style concerns.

Even the most expensive clothes may look not their best, if you have the wrong size or wrong cut. We determine your body type and body shape by choosing cuts, fabric, shape and patterns for your clothes. We teach you some easy tricks to emphasize your best assets and indicate those which you should not wear.

Analysis of your wardrobe

In every closet there are absolutely unwearable peaces, which no longer fit or are way out of fashion. We will reduce this amount to minimum, since alone you would probably not dare to do so. We will discuss the composition of your wardrobe, find out what you are missing, help you to create new combinations and generate a quick and relaxed easy-to-use system that will take away the stress of getting dressed. The new system will save you money and will reduce the time spent choosing the right clothes. You will be perfectly dressed for every occasion. No more mistakes.

Personal shopping 

No more wasting time by buying useless pieces. We go together to suitable shops and advise you on buying the clothes and accessories missing in your wardrobe, according to your body and color type.

Accomplished changes