Business image consulting

Image sells.

Enhancing your image and the image of your employees can move your business to the next level of success providing you a strong competitive advantage.


Professional presence


Communication skills

Compelling appearance

Competitive advantage


In today's competitive working environment, executive presence is critical to your success. Whether you are a Business Owner, Director, Senior Manager, Team Leader, Front Line Staff or Team Member, each one of you can grow or advance personally or professionaly. We will teach you principles of verbal and non-verbal communication, which are necessary tools to manage your career path. 

The self-confident, appropriately dressed and perfectly groomed person has a significat influence on his surroundings, projecting a more credible presence. He gains a natural authority and people tend to trust him.

In the next steps of your process, we concentrate on professional behavior and conduct in the workplace.

Our Image Management and Professional Development seminars and lectures will improve your appearance, behaviour and communication and expose you to a whole new world of possibility and promise. 

Workshops and seminars:

  • Image as a tool to enhance self-confidence and the impact of the first impression
  • Levels in business - appropriate clothing according the position and occasion
  • Etiquette and Ethics in corporate environments
  • Communication skills and Non-verbal communication
  • Color psychology in business and the basics of color types
  • The body-shapes and styles of an appropriate work clothing
  • Rules for wearing men's suits and accessories
  • Dress code

The seminars are designed with an interactive approach, the participants are constantly engaged and can address specific problems and situations. Participants see a number of illustrative examples, photographs, samples of clothing, with the possibility to try out what suits them best.
After the workshop the room is reserved for individual consultations and participants’ needs.